The sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya (Bo Tree) – which originates from the Sri Maha Bodhiya Bo Tree, in Bodhi Gaya India, which is said to have provided shelter for Lord Buddha as he attained enlightenment . This is one of most sacred worship place in island and  thousands of Buddhist pilgrims  flock to Anuradhapura daily.

This sacred Bo tree is to be the oldest tree in recorded history (over 2,200 years old) and one of the most sacred relics for Buddhists all over the world and was brought to the country by Sanghamiththa Thero , Daughter of King Darmashoka of India and was planted by the King Devanampiyatissa who was the ruling king of Sri Lanka during that period.

Original Sri Maha Bodhiya in India was destroyed by Mogul Regime of India during past and thousands of Buddhists devotees come from all over the world to Anuradhapura to worship the sacred Bo tree.