The main attraction of Dambulla is cave temple, carved out of solid rock where Buddhist monks once resided. The remarkability of the temple lies mainly in the large no of Buddha statues and traditional Sri Lankan style artwork that fill the cave from end-to-end. The cave complex is one of large in Sri Lanka.

Dambulla Rock Temple is on a rock approximately 600 ft above the plain. There is much to be learned about the rich history and culture of the island by visiting this temple. Dambulla cave temple is a best place to see past paintings and sculptures that are displayed in the temple.

As history records, Dambulla cave temple is frequently visited by  many of Sri Lanka’s Kings as they sought refuge and advice from the hermits that reside in the  temple . Some have constructed some of its statues as an act of gratitude and respect.

  • Time of departure: Any time you can vist, But better early in the morning or evening
  • Mode of Travelling – By Bicycle, By Tuk Tuk, By Vehicle
  • Travel Duration: Depend on mode of travelling . But less than ½ an hour
  • Tour Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Distance from the hotel: 3 km from Hotel premises
  • Tour inclusions:  Water, juice and driver and Guide Optional