Visit Dambulla Market

Reputed as the center of vegetable distribution in Sri Lanka and pick you choice of vegetables and cook with your own with our chef. In Dambulla, it is 1 km from the Golden Temple, you will see the largest vegetables and fruits wholesale market in Sri Lanka. Every day, numerous colorful vegetables and fruits are offered on the market. The harvest from the all corners of Sri Lanka as well as surrounding fields and villages is brought in to the market for distribution to the rest of the country. There are 2 large halls where the fresh exotic fruits and vegetables are supplied.

Trucks loaded with pumpkins, varieties of bananas, mangoes, avocados, watermelons, apples, coconuts, beans, carrots, leeks, peppers and lots more are supplied. You are short of eyes to see all this. Here, you will get to see the many locals of the district engaged in selling several varieties of vegetables and fruits from their tiny stalls. Seeing them dealing with customers also gives you a perspective into their daily lives and traditions.      While walking around you can buy vegetables you prefer with our tour guide and after return journey bring them back to hotel and cook with our chef at our kitchen with your preferred style.

Time of departure: Any time in the day

Travel Time : 20 mins

Traveling distance: 4 km

Mode of Transport : Trishaw (TukTuk), Van or any preferred mode

What is included: water bottles, and cool towel on your return